Event Regulations

[Please note that this English version of the Event Regulations for the Basler Bruggelauf is provided as a courtesy. Only the German version is binding.]

By registering for the Basler Bruggelauf, Ekiden and Altstadtlauf (transfer of the entrance fee), all participants automatically agree to these Event Regulations.

Personal responsibility

Participants enter the race at their own risk and responsibility. Regular endurance training and good health are prerequisites for a start. Starting with or while recovering from an infectious disease (e.g. influenza) may put your life in danger.

Race number/timing

Fair sporting behaviour is assumed. A license is not required. The start numbers must be collected from the registration office the day before or on the race day. The start number is personal and must be worn unfolded and clearly visible from the front.

The time measurement at the Basler Bruggelauf and the Altstadtrunde will be done by transponder. A pre-coded passive transponder is integrated in the start number. The integrated transponder no longer has to be returned. Personal chips cannot be used!

At the Ekiden one active transponder per team will be delivered. This separate transponder will be passed on to the next team runner in the transition zone. Without a transponder there will be no time measurement. The transponder must be returned at the finish. Non-returned transponders will be charged CHF 50.00. The team runners will receive coloured bracelets to count the laps. The wristbands must be worn visibly on the wrist. One wristband will be distributed per round.

The start will take place in real time. This means that only when the runner crosses the starting line will the timing be triggered. The crossing of the starting line must take place within one minute after the starting signal of the corresponding category. If block starts are required, participants must start in the sector allocated by the organiser.

Those who cannot start are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. Cancellations after the registration deadline are only possible with a doctor’s certificate. In this case a starting fee voucher for the following year will be issued. If the race cannot or only partially be carried out due to force majeure, there is no right to a refund of the entry fee.


The event will be held according to the categories listed in the programme. The following age limits apply: Altstadtrunde from 14 years, Bruggelauf and Ekiden from 16 years (age on race day). The maximum running times are 1 hour 15 minutes for the Altstadtrunde, 2 hours for the Bruggelauf and 2 ½ hours for the 20km Ekiden Competition. The instructions of the track service are to be followed.

Participants of the Bruggelauf and the Altstadtrunde will be judged in gender separated age groups. The first three in each category will be awarded natural prizes at the award ceremony. Those who do not take part in the award ceremony voluntarily waive the prize.

The 20 km distance (20.0 km) will be divided between three runners in the following order: 10 km (four laps), 5 km (two laps) and 5 km (two laps).

– Women’s team with three runners
– Men’s team three runners
– Mixed Team three runners (of which at least one woman)

There are no age categories in the Ekiden competitions. The minimum age for participation is 16 years on the day of the competition. The first three in each category will be awarded natural prizes at the award ceremony. Those who do not take part in the award ceremony voluntarily waive the prize.

Private accompaniment of the runners with bicycles or the like is not permitted. Inline skates, scooters, prams, baby joggers and other aids are not permitted. Disqualifications will be decided by the race director of the organising committee.


The event has a comprehensive medical and radio network.

In case of incidents, weaknesses of the runners or accidents, please inform the next marshal immediately and ask for help.

Emergency medical call: 144

The track service and the medical staff are allowed to take out runners with health problems.


Participants run at their own risk and responsibility. The organizer assumes no responsibility for accidents or illnesses. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. They must be insured against accidents. The current doping statute of Swiss Olympic applies to the event. Doping tests can be carried out. By participating, runners submit to the anti-doping rules of Swiss Olympic and acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Commission for Doping Cases of Swiss Olympic and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne to the exclusion of the ordinary courts. See also www.antidoping.ch

Data Protection

By registering, participants agree that, for the purpose of service provision, their address data can be shared with the sponsors listed on the event homepage, with the official photo service and Swiss Athletics. Runners who do not want their address to be shared with third parties communicate this to the organizer in writing. Data required for services directly associated with the race, e.g. for timing, production of race numbers etc., can be shared without restrictions.

Participants agree that pictures taken during the event can be used for illustration of results lists, for websites and for other marketing purposes of the organizer and their partners. If a picture taken by the official photo service is not to be used on the website of the official photo service or not to be shared with runner using the postal service, this has to be communicated in advance and in writing to the organizer.

By registering, participants agree to their name, place of residence and especially year of birth being used by the organizer and their partners for official start and results lists in printed or electronic form. This agreement is a prerequisite for entering the race.

Our published Data Protection protocols form an integral part of the Event Regulations.


Organized by

Basler Laufsporveranstaltungen GmbH
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a limited liability company of the Laufsportverein Basel, 4000 Basel.

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