Event Regulations

[Please note that this English version of the Event Regulations for the Basler Bruggelauf is provided as a courtesy. Only the German version is binding.]

By registering for the Basler Bruggelauf with Ekiden 2018 (transfer of the entrance fee), all participants automatically agree to these Event Regulations.

Personal responsibility

Participants enter the race at their own risk and responsibility. Regular endurance training and good health are prerequisites for a start. Starting with or while recovering from an infectious disease (e.g. influenza) may put your life in danger.

Race number/timing

We expect all runners to behave fairly and with integrity. No license is required. Race numbers are to be picked up on the day before the race or on the day (in the “Nachmeldestelle”). Runners must wear their own, unfolded race number, which has to be fully visible at all times and worn on the front of the torso.

Runners are timed using a transponder. A preprogrammed passive transponder is integrated in the race number and does not have to be returned after the race. Personal/private transponders must not be used. Timing is real-time, i.e. begins only once the runner has crossed the starting line. The starting line must be crossed within a minute of the starting signal for the category being given. If the race is started in waves, participants have to start in the corral they were assigned to be the organizer.

Runners who do not start the race have no right to reimbursement of their entrance fee. Cancellations after registration has ended are possible only with a medical certificate, in which case the runner receives a voucher for a free start in the following year. If the race is cancelled in full or in part due to force majeure, entrance fees will not be reimbursed.


The event will be hold in line with the categories listed in the event description. The minimum age to enter the race is 16 years (on the day of the event). The running time is capped at 2 hours for the Bruggelauf and at 2.5 hours for the 20 km relay event. Instructions by race marshals and event officials are to be followed.

Participants in the Bruggelauf are ranked by age and sex. If there are less than 5 participants in an age-sex category, participants of this category are ranked in the next lower age category (with the exception of participants aged 18 years or less who would be ranked with the next higher age category). The first three participants in each age-sex category are rewarded with a non-cash prize during the award ceremony. Non-participation in the award ceremony implies voluntary forfeiture of the prize.

There are three categories for the 20 km distance relay event:
– Women’s teams of three
– Men’s teams of three
– Mixed teams of three (at least one woman)

The 20 km distance (20 km) is split into three legs, in the following order: 10 km (4 laps), 5 km (2 laps) and 5 km (2 laps).

There are no age categories for the relay events. The minimum age to enter the race is 16 years (on the day of the event). The first three teams per category are rewarded with a non-cash prize during the award ceremony. Non-participation in the award ceremony implies voluntary forfeiture of the prize.

Runners must not be accompanied by non-registered participants, e.g. on bikes. Inline skates, scooters, strollers and any other aids are not permitted. The race director may disqualify participants not abiding by these regulations.


The Basler Bruggelauf with Ekiden 2018 has a comprehensive first aid and emergency response network in place. In the case of an emergency, accident, injury, weakness, fainting or any other untoward event facing you or a fellow runner, please contact the nearest race marshal and ask for help.

The emergency telephone number is 144.

Race officials and medical staff may take runners with impaired health out of the race.


Participants enter the Basler Bruggelauf with Ekiden 2018 at their own risk and responsibility. The organizer cannot be held liable for injury, illness or any other health impairment. Liability for insurance rests with participants who must have accident insurance. The Swiss Olympic Anti-Doping Regulations apply to the Basler Bruggelauf with Ekiden 2018 and doping controls may be performed. With their participation, runners agree to be bound by the Swiss Olympic Anti-Doping Regulations and acknowledge the exclusive competence of the Swiss Olympic Disziplinarkommission für Dopingfälle and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne, to the exclusion of any ordinary court. Also see www.antidoping.ch

Data Protection

By registering, participants agree that, for the purpose of service provision, their address data can be shared with the sponsors listed on the event homepage, with the official photo service and Swiss Athletics. Runners who do not want their address to be shared with third parties communicate this to the organizer in writing. Data required for services directly associated with the race, e.g. for timing, production of race numbers etc., can be shared without restrictions.

Participants agree that pictures taken during the event can be used for illustration of results lists, for websites and for other marketing purposes of the organizer and their partners. If a picture taken by the official photo service is not to be used on the website of the official photo service or not to be shared with runner using the postal service, this has to be communicated in advance and in writing to the organizer.

By registering, participants agree to their name, place of residence and especially year of birth being used by the organizer and their partners for official start and results lists in printed or electronic form. This agreement is a prerequisite for entering the race.

Our published Data Protection protocols form an integral part of the Event Regulations.


The Basler Bruggelauf with Ekiden 2018 is organized by

Basler Laufsporveranstaltungen GmbH
St. Jakob-Strasse 7
4052 Basel

a limited liability company of the Laufsportverein Basel, 4000 Basel.

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