Data Protection

1. Commitment to protecting your data

The protection of the personal data of our runners is important to us. A breach of data protection can lead to a loss of trust on the part of the runners and the public and endanger the organisation of running events.

2. Data minimization

We only process as much data as is absolutely necessary for the intended purpose. For the registration and execution of the running event, the runners are required to provide only their surname, first name, year of birth, gender, address and e-mail address.

Further data will only be collected on a voluntary basis and only if it is necessary for the provision of a further service.

Only the name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, category and running time are published in ranking lists. The complete address will not be published.

The ranking lists will only be published on the Internet on the Organiser’s website and on Trackmaxx’s website. We delete or archive data that is no longer required.

3. Information transparency

We assume that runners agree, by registering for the event, to all data usage that is directly associated with planning, organizing and managing the race, e.g. by providing relevant event information.

Runners are informed, during registration and on our website, about all data usage and data usage purposes that are not directly associated with planning, organizing and managing the race. This includes, among other things, publication of starting and results lists, with race number and time, online and in print media as well as data sharing with third parties.

4. Data sharing with third parties

We only disclose personal information to third parties who contractually agree to process the information only for a specific, specifically defined purpose.

For the Basler Bruggelauf with Ekiden 2018, registration for the race is considered to imply agreement to data being shared with third parties. Runners may forbid or restrict data sharing with third parties, by using the e-mail and our postal address provided during registration to express their disagreement with data sharing with third parties. Data are shared with third parties only if the runner has not communicated to us that he/she does wish only specific or no data to be shared with third parties.

5. Outsourcing of data processing

Data are processed by entities working on our behalf to plan, organize and manage the event, e.g. by providing timing solutions, the online registration etc., only on our behalf and for our purposes. By law, we are required to supervise data processed by these entities and to oblige them to not use the data for their own purposes or to share data with third parties. We are aware that we are responsible to affected runners for any error that these companies make in data processing.

6. Right of access

Runners have the right to request details on processing of their personal information. We organize data processing in a way that allows us to respond to runners’ inquiries within a reasonable amount of time.

We ensure that data can be corrected or deleted upon request.

Access, correction or deletion of data can be refused only if we are required by law to process these data or if we can assert overriding interests. During registration, we provide an e-mail and postal address to which inquiries can be directed.

7. Data safety and security

We employ adequate technological and organizational solutions to protect our runners’ data from intentional or accidental deletion or manipulation as well as unauthorized access by third parties. If data are processed by a third-party partner, we ensure that the third-party partner abides by, continuously monitors and improves data safety and security protocols

8. Liability

Every member of staff involved in data processing is responsible for abiding by data protection protocols. The organizer’s management body regularly monitors if staff abide by data protection protocols and sanctions abuse and violations.

9. Registering data collection with EDÖB

Our data collection is registered with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (Eidgenössischer Datenschutz- und Öffentlichkeitsbeauftragter (EDÖB)).

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