Basel Bruggelauf Medal

The medal was designed especially for this occasion. Due to the new Ekiden competitions, the organizers put a lot of emphasis on the TEAM idea.

So there will not only be one medal this year. There are 6 different subjects, with typical Basel motifs to be found on the course.

We start in the individual competition with the subject Käppelijoch.

Every participant has the chance to collect all subjects within the next 6 years to put together his medal circle completely.

The teams of 3 will receive 3 subjects, next year the next 3 will follow until each team member has a medal for each subject.

The Marathon 6 teams receive the entire set and can thus expand their personal collection every year.

The Baslerstab forms the connecting element between the medals, which symbolizes the team idea.

The medals were manufactured by René F. Müller AG in Basel and can be ordered until 18.08.2018 for an extra charge when registering. 

Those who have already registered can also place an order afterwards.

Registration and further information at:

We look forward to your participation.

Organizer: Laufsportverein Basel, LSVB

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